Olive Branch Baptist Church
11119 Boydton Plank Road
Dinwiddie, Virginia 23841

Organized 1868                                          Remodeled 1965                                         Moved Up 2014

2019:  “A Church Encouraging A Community”

Hebrews 10:23-25

Youth Ministries

The mission of the Youth Ministry is to provide children and youth who are from ages two (2) to eighteen (18) years old the opportunity to learn leadership and social responsibilities in the Sunday school as well as in the church. Each youth is afforded the opportunity to assist in the planning of activites accordingly. Youth are encouraged to grow closer to God by allowing them to express themselves by joining one of the ministries that is under the umbrella of the youth council. Youths attend workshops, seminars and do community outreach so that they may learn the duties of a Christian.

There are five (5) youth ministries under the leadership of the youth coordinators and advisors who monitor the activities of each ministry. The youth council manages respectfully, each ministry to insure all sponsors recieve the support of the ministry and the church. The following are the ministries that are organized to support the mission and its purpose:

Girl Scouts

Distinguished Gents/ Jr. Gents

Chosen Generation/ Next Generation

Voices of Youth