Olive Branch Baptist Church
11119 Boydton Plank Road
Dinwiddie, Virginia 23841

Organized 1868                                          Remodeled 1965                                         Moved Up 2014

2019:  “A Church Encouraging A Community”

Hebrews 10:23-25

Music Ministry

The Christian worship service is the recognition of God and the offerings to Him inspired talents through songs. The music ministry should always be prepared to assist with prayer and praise, regular worship, baptism and communion. This recognition should be accomplished by using music that has been inspired by the Holy Spirit and is dedicated to the Glory of God.

It is the mission of each choir to assist the minister in conducting the regular worship service and to minister to the congregation by encouraging participation in the singing of hymns and other music. By doing so, we are using our God given talents.

The choirs are The Volunteer Choir, The Mass Choir, The Young Adult Choir, The Voices of Youth, the Male Ensemble, and The TA Lacy Sanctuary Choir. We believe that when we are prepared our mission is accomplished to the pastor, the church and the community.